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Each Traditional Medicine appointment utilizes a combination of modalities depending on the patients needs:


Upon initial health evaluation (90min) patients will receive a treatment which may include acupuncture, cupping, chiropractic manipulation, electrical stimulation and/or moxabustion. In addition, a customized herbal supplement will be formulated to meet the patient’s specific health needs. The patient will receive a follow up call 3 days following appointment and two weeks of text support to discuss and determine the effectiveness of the herbal blend on their health. The patient will also receive a customized hand out providing life style advice including but not limited to:

◦ Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and how to care for it.

◦ Foods to integrate or limit based off diagnosis.

◦ Exercises to engage in or limit based off diagnosis.

◦ Acupressure points to help support health condition.

◦ Lifestyle suggestions based off of diagnosis

◦ Other supplement suggestions based off diagnosis.

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